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by Vince DelMonte - Author of No Nonsense Muscle Building
and Contributor to Men's Fitness Magazine

1. Bodybuilding magazines are really "drug programs." They tell you to "train hard" but make "hard training" impossible by prescribing 12-24 sets per body part. You can only build muscle with this kind of volume if you're using drugs to speed up your recovery.

2. Supplements are only necessary if you have hit a 90% threshold in your training, nutrition and lifestyle. Even if you do introduce supplements at that point, don't expect any miracles - they will only make a 1-2% difference in gaining lean muscle mass and getting stronger.

3. Your body can only manufacture 1-2 pounds of "dry muscle" each month which results in extra storage space for glycogen and water. Hence you can only gain 3-4 pounds of "lean muscle mass" on a monthly basis. It's physiologically impossible (without drugs) to build more than 12-24 pounds of rock hard muscle over the course of the year. A little different then what the magazines tell you eh?

4. Most skinny guys are taking advice from bodybuilders, magazines and websites that are promoted by guys with amazing genetics. You should not be taking advice from a guy who can not relate to your "muscle unfriendly genes," or from a guy who does not have the same body structure or the same metabolism. Would you take money advice from a guy who inherited a fortune? Would you take money advice from a guy who won the lottery? No! So why are you taking bodybuilding advice from guys with great genetics and who are using steroids?

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